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Innovative New Barware, Kitchenware & Wine Accessories


WORLD-LINK ARTICLE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD, founded in 2002, has been one of the leading manufacturers of bar products and bar accessories in the Asia Pacific region. The Head Office is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, while production and manufacturing facilities are located and used in both Taiwan and in China. World-LInk Article holds strong relations and business collaborations with others related in the industry of commercially designed kitchen, catering and utensil supplies, most of whom are based in Taipei. Our customer base is worldwide and interconnected with some of the best well-known global online wholesalers and retail distributors in the business.



We also offer complete support in OEM and ODM manufacturing services according to customer's specifications and special requirements. Our company's main focus is on the manufacturing of high-quality bar supplies and wine accessories. All articles are designed in Taiwan by our own in-house experienced Research and Development team. Further production is then managed by our Taiwanese staff, who directly oversee final production processes at one of our Asia Pacific manufacturing centers. Such circumstances, combined with providing cost down materials, labor, and shipping, results in favorable win-win economic conditions and competitive pricing.

Welcome to visit or contact us with any business inquiries at: 


                        World-Link Article 

                        No.129, DaChun Street,

                        Kaohsiung,  Taiwan 

                        Tel: 886 7 3748130

                        Fax: 886 7 3748892


                        Attention: Sam Chen

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